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Want to see your work exhibited in an unusual rural space?  Read on for information on getting involved with the Embark: Ferry Art project in Cornwall…

For the third year in succession Embark: Ferry Art is looking for seven emerging artists to exhibit on a monthly basis onboard the King Harry Ferry in Cornwall. This project is organised by FOTONOW, University College Falmouth, CAN Project and King Harry Ferry.

If you think your work deserves a space on the ferry, send a proposal in to the organisers!  Your work (existing or realising new material) should address contemporary issues that are important within the region; from environmental to social and economical. Proposals should be no more than 200 words long and should outline how your practice would relate visually and conceptually in this rural setting – outlining how the work will engage with an audience of over 500 passengers each day that might not normally visit a traditional gallery space.

The final work should be effectively reproduced in two-dimensional print form as work will be printed onto a foamex panel for use in frames onboard the ferry; suggested art forms would include lens-based imagery, digital works, documentation of performance / installation works etc.

FOTONOW, University College Falmouth and CAN Project hope that the venue will continue to provide a valuable platform to exhibit early career artists and raise awareness of issues that are being explored within each artist’s practice. The project is keen to support emerging graduate artists and so would continue to welcome submissions from alumni, postgraduates and third year BA students.


Work Required:
Exhibition Proposal (200 words)
Artist CV
CD with 10 images (JPG) of works proposed for showing (although final show may consist of new works if time and commission fee allows)

Send to:EMBARK SUBMISSION, CAN Project, King Harry Ferry, Feock, Nr Truro, Cornwall, TR3 6QJ

Deadline: 24th March 2009

Artist Fee: £200 (possible additional fees for delivery of workshop sessions, tbc)