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Have a LUSH Valentines…

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This coming weekend will be filled with mushy gestures of love for some, but we’re not going to hang around and wait for someone to send us a Valentine.  Oh no.  We’ve got some guaranteed lovin’ lined up because we’ve got the power of some of natural, hand made cosmetics company Lush‘s newest products under our belts. Their new Love Soap (£2.50) is fragranced with the sexy notes of their best-selling product Sex Bomb, with all its perfumed powers of seduction. Scented with exotic jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang (are all well known aphrodisiac oils and can create feelings of euphoria), washing with Love Soap has left us smelling LOVEly, and also spangled with the sexy red glitter that adorns the heart shaped soap.

Smelling so desirable left us in need of some relaxation, and luckily, Lush’s next new product was perfect for such a thing, and our Saturday night splash was never more pleasurable, sinking into a warm tub, the colour as deep as claret and the perfume as sweet as strawberry fields forever as our bath was infused with the heady scents of vanilla and strawberry from Lush’s Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar (£2.25), which crumbles under running water for masses of skin softening bubbles which are rich, white and lather-licious.  This product may look innocent but when the bomb hits the water it releases an explosion of sensuousness, with a heady smell and the sound of poppin’ crystals.   This product is the perfect ingredient for a well deserved pamper session or an ideal pre-requisite/accompaniment to roses on white bed linen and strawberries and champagne on the lips.  We should mention that we think the Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar should carry a health and safety warning.  It made the water so soft we weren’t sure we would get out of the bath without calling for assistance.  (And calling for help from the ol’ man may have proved interesting – he’d have laughed his greebo t-shirt off to see us wallowing in strawberries and cream and been in there – in the kick of a two stroke engine – well that’s one way to lure him away from his motorbike!)  So, expect some slippin an’a slidin’ especially if you’re saving water and bathing with a friend.  The Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar leaves the skin soft and peachy… man, no need for hair conditioner either! Have a LUSH Valentines!