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Image by Seb ChandlerSeb Chandler is a South West based freelance professional photographer, who shot the mythical fashion shoot that features in the February 2010 issue of 247 Magazine. Seb studied at Plymouth College of Art, and graduated in 2003. He started freelancing straight out of college, and was initially based in St Ives, doing lots of travelling around the UK and abroad. He now lives and works in Bristol. We caught up with Seb in breaks between shooting for a chat about cameras, famous people, and inspiration.  And don’t forget to scroll down for a slideshow of both published and unpublished images from the shoot he did for the February issue of 247…

What do you get the most enjoyment from when taking photos?
I enjoy it most when I am allowed to be creative. If I’m not, I love to try and push what seems like an ordinary shoot into something different.

What is the spec of your camera?
I use a Canon 5d Mark II and some L series lenses.

Do you ever shoot anything on film, or are you digital all the way?
Digital all the way; I have always used digital as a professional. However, I was trained to use film, so I can use either medium.

Do you retouch your work or do you prefer to go for a more realistic look?
I like to try and achieve as much as I can through the lens. Post production doesn’t excite me so much.

Which other photographers are you inspired by?
I love the work of Sarah Moon, Duane Michael, Tim Walker and Mario Giacomelli.

Have you ever photographed anyone famous?
Yeah I have photographed some famous people, including Katie Melua, Maxi Jazz, Nigel Mansell, Javier Vallhonrat, Jean Christophe Neville and Matt Archbold.

What are you most proud of achieving in your career?
Working professionally on fashion and lifestyle shoots and getting paid to shoot around the world is a great achievement.

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?
Don’t give up when you start out and things seem tough.

See more of Seb’s work, and get in touch with him, at www.sebchandler.com

Stylist: Marie-Claude Lamb www.marie-claudelamb.blogspot.com

Hair and make up: Jo Barker using Barry M at Arena, 52 Ebrington St, Plymouth, 01752 250025 www.arenacreativehair.co.uk

Set designer: Hannah Davies www.hannah-davies.com

Model: Jasmine Barnott at Ginger Snap www.gingersnap.co.uk

Location: The Old School House, Bristol

Clothes: www.topshop.com // www.alicemccolm.co.uk // www.scottramsaykyle.com // www.fflur.co.uk // www.mytights.com // www.tightsplease.com

Thanks: Emilie Parnall at Topshop