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It’s been a busy year so far for ‘Everything Burns’ (EB), a progressive metal five piece from the Cornwall, who’ve just returned from a very dynamic and spirited acoustic performance at this years Download festival. Formed in mid 2007, they are quickly pushing their way through the dredge of the British underground scene. With instantly catchy choruses and complex fresh guitar riffs, every song becomes an anthem in its own right. ‘EB’ signed to the fast up and coming UK label Rising Records in 2008, almost a year to the day of the band forming. Their debut album “Home” was released in February 2010 followed by their first single “I’d Die”.

At Download, they performed an acoustic set on the Jägermeister stage, although they took a somewhat unorthodox approach to the acoustic stage. For most bands there were the usual line of bar stools, acoustic guitars and tambourines with a chilled out laid back vibe, but not with this lot. There wasn’t a bar stool in sight. Instead the distortion and the amps were replaced with acoustic guitars yes, but were played with the same ferocity and vigour as their metal predecessors. The drum kit was slimmed down to a basic snare and high hats but was still attacked with pure aggression and beaten within an inch of its life. The vocalist Tim Kellow paraded around the stage with assurance, belting out his clean melodic lines with such power and conviction that maybe he didn’t realise that the guitars weren’t actually distorted. Equally Phil Charles also chugged away on his bass in a classic metal pose, playing with an uncompromising condemnation for the acoustic sound.

All in all this was a pleasant and welcomed surprise. A break in the dredge of crooning acoustic ballads, this band came out all guns blazing with their balls to the wind, playing the only way they knew how, obstinate and hard core. They pulled a great crowd for an early festival afternoon slot, and left them wandering ‘if they’re like this with acoustics, what the hell are they like plugged in?’

The band on the up and destined for greater things, let’s hope that Download have them back next year but plugged in and turned up to the max. You can see the band at the Boardmasters festival on 6-7 August in Newquay, Cornwall, more info at www.relentlessboardmasters.com

The video for “I’d Die” can now be seen on the Scuzz channel and you can check them out HERE