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Everyone loves a good mocumentary and we’ve bagged three copies of the Mother of Invention DVD to give away – simply email your full name, address and mobile number to 247@outofhand.co.uk before September 1, remembering to put MOTHER OF INVENTION in the subject line.

Walking in the heavy shadows of Napolean Dynamite and Little Miss Sunshine this mocumentary sees low life inventor Vincent Dooly (Andrew Bowser) trying to win a prestigious ‘Eddy’ inventing award. The only problem is that Vincent has never created anything that’s worked. It’s also the last year he can enter as he is getting a bit too old. He’s up against arch rival and the six time winner of the award Martin Wooderson, whose so confident of winning he has already cleared a space on his sniper-covered mantelpiece (watch it to find out).
Vincent takes us on a tour of his wacky inventions including his self-defence range which consists of the knife-hat and the mace-let, which is a bracelet that doubles as a mace dispenser. These laugh out loud moments pepper the film thanks to a well written script by Joseph M. Petrick, who creates a quirky bunch of characters for our inventor extraordinaire to bounce off.
The central performance from Andrew Bowser is excellent, he starts off as quite annoying but as the film progresses and his character rounds you become really attached to his slightly demented persona. He is well supported by Kerri Corrigan as Junkie Joe, who our mad scientist turns to every time there is a crisis.
Mother of Invention climaxes with the highly ridiculous Eddy awards featuring plenty of geeky guffawing to keep the audience happy. The DVD features include some deleted scenes and an audio commentary as well as the music video Tears of the Child. Overall this is a funny and, dare I say it, inventive comedy that will keep you amused until they make a sequel to Napolean Dynamite.

Review: John Barker