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Badly Drawn Boy (pic by Jim Porter via www.flickr.com/people/stjnky/)

Having just purchased a car, half an hour previous to the gig I was itching to get out and take it for its first spin. It was an unjust start for the Candle Thieves who actually pleasantly surprised me with their mix of lush harmonies and quirky keyboards, taking full advantage of St. George’s well renowned acoustics. In one track the lead singer walked off the stage and performed a song walking around the hall finishing off on the balcony where he and his sidekick, still on stage, musically conversed back and forth, which echoed in the rafters. Finishing with ’We‘re all gonna die’ the keyboardist really came into his own bashing out chords at a rate of knots, that had my foot tapping up and down in time with the music, not with the accelerator.
Ok, so the car can wait for a bit, it will still be there when i m finished I told myself. That was until Badly Drawn Boy aka Badly Depressed Boy entered onto the stage wearing his trademark tea cosy. Opening with a cover by an artist whose name escapes me, I instantly switched off. His drab exterior and monotone souless singing voice did nothing to keep me from daydreaming of letting off that handbrake and easing her into gear for the first time. My partner was none too impressed either and after the third song we glanced at one another and gave the nod. it was time to fire her up. This was the first gig that I ve walked out of and justly so. Car or no car I find it frustrating that a man who relatively speaking has done well from his craft can give off such an air of apathy. Maybe that’s part of his persona, but quite frankly I d rather go for a drive.

Cheer up mate!

Words: Dan Hayman