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Former Plymouth College of Art student, Alice Vandy, had a massive kick start to her career when she was commissioned to produce pieces for the Clothes Show London.

Alice completed her degree at Plymouth College of Art in 2008, and not only did she have pieces commissioned for the show, her catsuits opened the show in a Kill Bill-inspired dance sequence. She said “Having my pieces open the show was so surreal, but very exciting. Having the opportunity for so many people to see my work was amazing and I’ve had lots of positive feedback and interest in my work since it.”

Alice Vandy’s brand is fast becoming known for its powerfully imaginative and edgy style. Original, striking and artistically designed pieces often show a contrasting urban influence. Collections range from the art-printed tees to beautiful, sculptural and surrealist couture pieces.

Fashion stylist Alexis Knox chose Alice Vandy’s work for Clothes Show London from the artistspringboard.com portfolio. As well as working for big clients like BBC, ITV, Puma and Channel 4, Alexis Knox is also an ambassador of underground and emerging talents working with Notion magazine and Ziad Ghanem’s Maiden Britain label.

Alice has recently styled and designed the outfits for the Plymouth Calendar Girl 2011 front cover, which will be sold in HMV, Plymouth. She was commissioned to make super hero outfits for a dance group who are auditioning for the BBC’s So You Think You Can Dance.