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In case you hadn’t guessed from our December mag we here at 247 Magazine love the wonderfully festive film Home Alone.
Everything about it from the adorable little Macauley Culkin (before he divorced his rents, got busted for drugs and turned into a bit of a grebo), to the hilarious Wet Bandits to the endless stream of memorable quotes and the spine tingling score by John Williams.
And we’re also digging the whole dubstep scene at the moment.
So what happens when you mix the two? This is what happens…

5Oh! – Home Alone(X-Mas Dubstep Remix)[Free Download] by Section 6 Records

We can’t get enough of this 5Oh! dubstep remix of the Home Alone soundtrack, hopefully you enjoy it too!
And if you want to win a DVD boxset of Home Alone 1-4 check out our comps page.

(Image by Paul Hobby)