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Artist Aaron Savage has combined his love of music and Lego to recreate some of the most iconic album covers of all time in the plastic bricks. The 21-year-old used bricks and dolls to make his miniature works of art. He spent days positioning everything correctly to mirror the actual album covers. Artists covered include Bruce Springsteen, Queen, David Bowie, Muse, Blondie and Blur. He also did Nirvana, The Bee Gees, Grace Jones, Lily Allen, Velvet Underground and The Madness. He said: “Album covers was an easy choice for me because it combined my two interests. I did some research to see what Lego was available and then picked covers that I knew could be recreated. I found a Lego banana on eBay, so I knew I could recreate the Velvet Underground cover and added that to the list.” He added: “When I show my work to somebody for the first time and they can tell what it is, I know I have done a good job.”
To see more of the inspired Lego album covers visit the Daily Mail website. (Photo from Solent News.)