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Efterklang are a five piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their music contains a combination of orchestral and electronic music, hence creating a somewhat unique style and sound. The ambience created by the incense and the orange hue of the lighting when entering The Globe created what seems to be the perfect atmosphere for this kind of musical event. The crowd which practically filled the Cardiff venue to the seams only showed slight diversity, with the majority being made up by either indie haircuts and leather jackets, or slightly older couples. Efterklang’s lead singer came on stage to rapturous applause, only to announce that for the first time, the band were going to screen a 50 minute film (An Island) in lieu of a support band. He then requested that anyone not interested pop outside for a cigarette or something as it would not work if everyone chatted. Some people left, while everyone else was happy to sit down and watch the film. Approximately 45 minutes after the film had finished, the band arrived on stage. It isn’t very often that 8 people on a stage (the band have 3 additional live members alongside their base of 5) can do it so well, and also look so happy to be playing their music. The band looked genuinely thrilled to be on stage, and that came across as they played their songs. The songs were melodic, a panoramic soundscape that I haven’t heard anything quite like before. None of the members stuck to one instrument either, everyone seemed to have a go at several instruments throughout the set. The banter between the crowd and the band was entertaining, and kept things interesting while changeovers were happening. Watching the band, you could tell their influences were varied, ranging from Bjork and Sigur Ros to Radiohead and Sonic Youth, all of which seemed to be absorbed, and then regurgitated as a very unique sound. It was experimental, it was artistic, it was film.

Words: William Parke
Photos: Grandin Lee