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There is something that shines through with a band that has been on the scene for a while. Their set becomes more refined and polished with their continual performances and rehearsals which can mean with certain bands they can only go from strength to strength. This is certainly true of Neath and Swansea based Psycho Kiss, but what the band have not lost in the process is their on stage dynamics, energy and enthusiasm. Refined to the point of perfection, the band is not above having a bit of fun on stage and improvising when the mood takes them. Just ask their drummer who managed to have his boxer shorts stolen in the middle of a set during the Garage Band War earlier this year.

Whether it is a powerful ballad or something little more gentle, Helen Clarke, the bands singer, brings a real sense of emotion and feeling behind every word that she projects through the microphone. This melds seamlessly with astounding riffs from guitarists Paul O’Brien (lead), Darren Kent (rhythm) and Jason Sims (Bass) along with the strong, defined beats from drummer Penfold, producing original songs that are able to evoke a wide range of emotions within the audience. When they hit the stage, you could easily close your eyes and lose yourselves to the music that these maestro’s will easily ensnare you with, letting everything else meld away.

But don’t close your eyes for one minute, for you never know what will happen next with this band who are as much about the show as they are about the music. The band engages with one another effortlessly, as absorbed in their world of sound as you will be, whilst Helen fronts the band by leading the way with her lively stage routine. Even the drummer has trouble remaining sat down, pouring his heart into his art as he stands up to launch some real power behind his strokes.

When you talk about the corner stones of the South Wales live music scene, Psycho Kiss should certainly be considered one of them. In fact, they are that good, they could probably occupy two corners at the same time with their eyes fixed on how to take the third and fourth. Further more, they are a great group to work with, who have an amazing spirit. Despite having headlined countless times throughout the region, they are not above helping in the name of a good cause, such as their support for Cancer Research UK during The Garage Band War and also their support of the Roller Derby fundraiser last year for the Swansea Slayers. A genuinely nice group of people who produce one awesome performance when they take to the stage.

More info at www.myspace.com/psychokissband

Words: S.P. Draken
Photo: Bob Norris