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Substandard surfers from across the globe will be packing their boards this summer to head to Praa Sands on the 24th of this month. Renowned poet and wretched wave rider Murray Lachlan Young said: “The idea of a world championships for bad surfers was hatched when, after years of practising, I realised I was still a terrible surfer. Being a bad surfer meant that I missed out on the thrill of the surf championship.” Thus was born CrapSurfer – a fun, international movement for surfers of all abilities to express their love of surfing, in a relaxed and non-elitist, social network. This is the fourth year of the World Championships of Crap Surfing, which this years set to be the biggest and best yet.

Championship categories include: crap paddling, crap pop up, number of missed waves, unwittingly doing something good, accidentally swallowing seawater, best wipe out, most genuinely upset loser and crap board control. Out of the water, prizes are to be awarded for the worst wetsuit, worst surfboard, worst beach strut, worst beach bum, best beach swagger, most colourful wetsuit, laziest surfer, best presented woman’s feet and Miss CrapSurfer. Surf companies, lifestyle magazines, breweries and second hand goods shops have all pledged generous prizes to the event. Surfboards, magazine subscriptions, quality surf attire, surf accessories, beer, stickers, a key ring and a cheese and onion pasty are among the fantastic prizes up for grabs to the world’s worst surfers. 247 have got on board too, sponsoring the best surfer in a bikini competition too, open to both male and females.

Murray Lachlan Young added: “The level of incompetence of this year’s world championships is really quite astounding. We’ve had one person turn up a month early for the event – he had come down from Wales for the World Championships of Crap Surfing on the right date, but in the wrong month.”

The World Championship of Crap Surfing takes place at Praa Sands, Cornwall, on September 24, 2011, at noon. The Crapsurfers Ball takes place at the Sand Bar, Praa Sands, in the evening from 9pm until late. For more information, championship entry registration and afterparty tickets, please go to www.crapsurfer.com