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Things have started to really take off for you this year, tell us about the last few months…
There’s been some hope mixed up with a bit of a plan and its seemingly paying off. The last few months have started to show that hard works pays off in increments. Keep your feet on the ground, use zebra crossings, ignore hype.

You supported Pulp at Brixton, that’s a big slot, was it nerve wracking? And how did it go?
It’s a growing experience and a positive way of testing your strengths as a band. They’re perfectly polite people without any agenda what so ever but were definitely understandably nervous about doing there first shows where you could see the whites of peoples eyes. There’s always a disproportionate sound check for the main act and the support band and so there should be. We got about 10 mins the first night. It’s a bit like doing your well rehearsed dance routine in a hurricane.

Have you been to Bristol before? If so, what did you think?
I have many friends in Bristol and know the place very well. Its unique, very British but entirely removed from the rest of the world.

Being the son of a famous musician (Ian Dury), advantage or pain in the ass?
A painful advantage in the ass.

You’ve been making music for quite a while now, what inspires you and keeps you going?
No choice that or the Territorials.

You’re signed to Rough Trade right? Which labelmates are you digging at the mo?
Parlophone actually, Rough Trade was a while back. I like old Blur and Radiohead records.

Baxter Dury plays Bristol Louisiana on October 26. Tickets £8adv.