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That’s a brave band name you opted for, what was the thinking behind it?
That’s a brave question! Well the thinking behind it happened 20 years ago, so memories may be a little murky, but I believe it had something to do with postmodern deconstruction of the ego and a lot to do with mushrooms.

You’re responsible for some of the most iconic songs of the 90s (Staying Out For The Summer, Good Enough etc) do you ever get bored of playing them?
As long as we’ve got new songs to play, like on this tour, then we LOVE playing the old songs. Tension and release; Ying and Yang and all that nonsense.

There’s a bit of a trend for old 90s indie bands to reform at the mo – what do you think about that? And why do you reckon it is?
Well there’s not a lot an old musician is trained for apart from being a musician, they have to pay the bills like anyone so I can’t begrudge them that. There was a big stigma against reforming then The Pixies did it and made it OK. If people want to go and see a band from 20 years ago or a tribute band rather than a modern band then there’s something wrong with modern bands.

You’re playing Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and Frome – what do you think of this neck of the woods?
I loves it, I live roun these parts myself!

Tell us more about your forthcoming River Cottage gig…
A free glass of mulled cider, a special three course meal cooked by the River Cottage chefs then the tables get cleared away and Dodgy play into the night. What’s not to love? Of course it’s sold out but I believe 10 more tickets have just been made available. Check www.dodgyology.com

You’ve got a new album in the pipeline, what can fans expect from that?
It’s released in January next year and it’s called Stand Upright In A Cool Place. It’s the best stuff we’ve done, it’s our Sgt Pepper. We recorded it in Malvern and got it mixed in Texas by the chap who mixed the brilliant John Grant and Midlake albums. If you come down to any date on this tour you can pre-order exclusive versions of the album.

Dodgy play Frome Cheese and Grain on October 21, River Cottage October 22, Swansea Garage November 10, Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff on November 19 and Bristol Fleece November 18 AND December 1. Tickets available from www.seetickets.com