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Scotland has produced some awesome music over the years – who are your favourite artists and bands from your homeland?
There’s so much stuff. I guess people like Teenage Fanclub and The Jesus and Mary Chain were bands that you could look at and think “well they’re from around here, if they can do it…”. Aside from them there’s always been great stuff from this country which has ranged from the world famous like Franz Ferdinand to the local legends – people like Eska or Uncle John & Whitelock. Oh, Poison Ivy from The Cramps was from Scotland too. Does she still count?

We caught you at ATP and were well impressed with your set, how do your festival sets differ from your own gig sets?
They don’t differ massively. We tend to maybe play more singles when it’s a festival set though. You can’t guarantee everyone there will know your stuff so you tend to at least play things that folk might recognise from the radio.

You’re playing Bristol Fleece shortly, one of our fave Bristol venues, have you played there before? If so what did you think? And what do you look for in a venue?
Yeah, we’ve played there a few times over the years. Bristol’s always been good to us. In fact, speaking of what we look for in a venue the Bristol Louisiana is a great example. Really friendly people, great atmosphere, good sound and they even had (if I remember right) a reverb tank in the basement that got piped up to the live desk. Great.

Your most recent album Mirror Mirror was quite different to some of your earlier stuff, what inspired it?
It’s difficult to say for me as it was written over such a long period of two years. All the stuff you listen to, read, see and do in that time ends up filtering in. I was listening to everything from The Wipers to Led Zep but whether any of that is remotely obvious, I don’t know.

We’re digging the remixes too, tell us about that…
I don’t if it’s going to be an album or two seperate 12″ releases. The remixes for this record have been far and away the best we’ve ever had and in some cases I wish we’d actually recorded our versions a bit like them. There’s one by our friends Wrong Island that is just euphoric. Twitch who produced our album has done a great one as well as Emperor Machine, Andy Blake and others. They’re all fabulous.

Sons and Daughters play Bristol Fleece with Peggy Sue on Saturday October 22. To win tickets click HERE.