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The O2 Bristol Academy is packed to the rafters it’s been a while since I’ve seen the venue this full but of course when such a rising talent as Bombay Bicycle Club are showcasing what they do it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t be. Not bad for a band that came to prominence having won Channel 4’s Road to V competition. How many acts from say The X Factor can boast a fan base like theirs?

Entering the venue late I missed support act Dry the River but I’m told they’re excellent and well worth checking out they sold out Bristol’s Louisiana only a couple of months ago. Making it just in time for the headline act B.B.C. it felt as though I was watching a story unfold in a pop up children’s book all framed by various head sizes side of stage it really gave the show a somewhat dream like quality. And having spent so long slightly pigeon-holed as an acoustic-indie pop act it’s good to see that this new set seems to be all about the noise. Showcasing many tracks from new album; “A Different Kind of Fix” this certainly feels like a different Bombay Bicycle club to the one people have grown to love but they are no less loved judging by tonight’s performance.

Songs whiz and pop with all the fun of their offbeat indie sound while at the same time managing to be completely raw and atmospheric in the same breath an balancing act which is no mean feat. Though not exactly forthcoming with their audience, in fact the group barely talk to their captive audience but don’t really need to as they let the music do the prose for them and their shy nervous qualities only make them more endearing to watch. With performances like this one and songs like “Shuffle” and “Lights Out, Words Gone” You have to believe they can survive the hype and current trend.

Words: Adam Hooper
Photo: Laura Palmer