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You’re about to play at one of Bristol’s most innovative clubs, Motion, have you done many club gigs before?
Yeah, We’ve done quite a few club gigs on this tour – the energy is always really good – which helps us get into it a bit more.

What’s your favourite type of gig to play? (Eg Small venue, festival, club, stadium?)
Probably the smaller venues – because there is hardly no barrier between us and the crowd – the vibe in the room is very easy to read because the audience is practically right on top of us.

Touring seems to be a big part of your life right now, what do you like and dislike most about it?
I shoot a lot of photos while we travel – so it’s nice being in a new place with new scenery / people every day, but it can get a bit frustrating living such a regimented schedule where there is little time to yourself.

We’re digging your new video. What inspired that and how important do you thing having good music videos is nowadays?
Thanks a lot. I think it is very important for the video to be a direct extension from the album and the WO aesthetic, in general. To me, each piece of the puzzle (music, artwork, video, live show) is equally important. The inspiration was the feeling of adventure / optimism that accompanies a road trip – there is always potential for something interesting just around the corner…

Your Myspace address is thebabeinthewoods …what’s that all about then?
My taste is a bit idealistic and thus is a little innocent – so it seemed to fit.

You’re from Georgia right? Like REM. What do you think about their recent split?
I’m a big fan of REM – and it’s highly unfortunate that those guys broke up – but they leave behind A LOT of really good music – so no reason to fret!

Washed Out play as part of the Field Day Night at Motion, Bristol, on Saturday November 12. To be in with a chance of winning tickets, see our competitions page.

Photo by Troy Trolley via Flickr