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Where are you from and how has that shaped you?
We’re all based in London now, I guess the city, having so much musical diversity, has influenced us in lots of ways. Love the growing electronic scene and we get out to a lot of band stuff, although it can be a bit ‘trendy’. Essentially we’ve all had different upbringings which have shaped our music.

What inspires your music?
A lot of stuff – electronics, band music, classical, songwriters. We definitely each bring something different to the mix but we all share a passion for good songs no matter what the genre.

Duologue is a good solid name, what’s the thinking behind it?
Glad you think so – we’re a 5 piece so it makes no sense really. It started as a two piece, studio project a few years back. We became a 5 piece and it was too late to change – but it still makes sense as the idea of the project was to combine electronics with band stuff.

Electronic rock you say, tell us what that means to you…
It’s always hard to describe your own stuff but I guess we’re a band with broad tastes without a drummer. Some bits are really electronic, other bits aren’t.

Your second monthly residency takes place at Bristol Thekla this month, what sparked the decision to do it there?
Ross is originally from Bristol and Thekla seemed like a great fit for us. They have good people playing there and Ross is treating it like a homecoming gig.

The new EP is released on ltd edition transparent vinyl – do you think vinyl has a place in today’s music industry?
Hope so, there’s still nothing like it. Music is becoming increasingly disposable in the digital age but vinyl still has something special about it. Plus a limited edition is rarer still, I’m not even sure we can get one for ourselves!

Duologue play Bristol Thekla on December 7. Tickets £6adv from www.ticketmaster.co.uk