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While the rest of Britain will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this summer, in Cornwall wellwishers will be celebrating the crowning of the king and queen of crap surfing. The date for the World Championship of Crap Surfing 2012 has been set for Sunday, June 3, at Praa Sands, Cornwall – the same weekend as the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Although no official response to an open invite for members of the British Royal family to participate in the contest has been received, it is thought that at least one person will come along dressed as a monarch on the day. Organiser and BBC Radio 6 resident poet Murray Lachlan Young said: “As crap surfers are the new royalty of the waves, we concluded that the Queen might appreciate a crowning on the weekend of her jubilee, in one of her territories.”

The World Championships of Crap Surfing brings together surfers from all over world in a celebration of effort, courage and ultimately failure for what has become one of the most sought after crowns on the world surfing stage. Last year’s world championships saw hundreds of spectators on the shoreline at Praa Sands to witness more than 50 substandard surfers battle against persistent onshore drizzle, wind, fog and mushy surf. Last year, panel of keen, experienced judges, that included a woman’s surf instructor, a professional boxer and a window cleaner, marked points for moves such as inadvertently doing something good or performing a magic moment of stupidity. Theatre director Bill Bankes-Jones swept to success last year after displaying a series of elegant dismounts from his board.

This year’s contest looks to be equally hotly contested with several categories and a wide range of prizes. This year rather than have a surf after party, championship organisers have decided on a before surf party with a Crapsurfer’s Ball at the Sand Bar, on Saturday, June 2, at the Sand Bar, Praa Sands. Murray added: “Some people try hard at pastimes, yet never excel. These efforts are never rewarded in the same way that successful participants are. Thus was born a contest for those who will never get better but deserve the opportunity to enter a competition and be judged on effort, not ability.”

For more information and entry forms, go to www.crapsurfer.com