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Warming up the crew tonight is Seye, or as he cleverly markets himself, “eyes backwards”. I first discovered Seye when he supported Lana Del Rey at Scala a few months back, so I did wonder how he would go down with his genre being different from the electronic, bass ridden beats of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs that was to follow but a surprise was install, I did consider myself confused on arrival as this was nothing like the act I had witnessed before, Seye, a refreshed new act, with suitable suave haircut to match, however different, still implementing an engaging performance.

After an interlude of heavily bass ridden tunes over the sound-system to further hype the audience, Orlando Higginbottom enters the stage, or as he is more famously known by his stage name, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Orlando recognised for his trademark outlandish headwear is met by a raucous reception. Neon geometrics fill the stage and an audio-visual relationship commences.

Orlando’s haunting vocals flow over the reverberating beats as the stage beneath rumbles and the strobes flash in sync. Thekla transforms into a euphoric, otherworldly environment, much like the atmosphere in TEED’s most recognised music videos. Accompanied onstage by a rhythmic act of two dino dancers in outlandish skin-tight Lycra leotards matched with a rainbow assortment of wigs, the girls flay their arms, swing their tails and trust their hips.

‘Garden’ is met with the arrival of a Little Red Riding Hood, who is revealed as Luisa, the feature guest vocalist from Bristol’s Lulu and the Lampshades. Once again more confetti guns are popped, coating the audience in silver twinkles. Light display bursts. There is more of a Saturday night vibe, for the youngsters in the room it might aswell be the weekend, as after all it is halfterm. Even Orlando himself acknowledges “it’s a bit early for a dance”. Despite this TEED have really got this old boat steaming, its fair to say most will eagerly await his album release so we can see him tour again.

Words and photo: Laura Palmer