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New owners have taken on the legendary Millennium / Warehouse complex on Union St and are planning to reopen it in time for the summer. Originally opened in 1931 as The Gaumont Palace, the cinema held 2,252, before becoming a nightclub in the eighties. Back in it’s heyday of the 90’s, the venue hosted historic parties by Dreamscape, Obsession and Scream amongst others, attracting thousands of clubbers from across the South West every Friday and Saturday night to see great acts such as Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Sasha and Digweed amongst many others. When the dance music scene changed, national nightclub operators, Luminar Leisure took over the venue, redeveloped and re-named it Millennium and catered for the more mainstream weekender revellers. However, it was closed in 2004 when they also had Destiny/Hero’s nightclub, (now called Oceana) on the Barbican Leisure Park and the venue has remained shut ever since. The new owners are investing over one million pounds and have grand plans for the venue, with the main aspect to help rejuvenate Union Street by using the building to kick start the heart beat of the local area, hopefully enticing additional developers to look upon Union Street as a prosperous area.

Once reopened, the building will be a multi purpose venue, and not just a nightclub, plans include having a bistro/cafe open to the local community during the day. The new venue will also see previously unused space being redeveloped into industrial units for the local community or local charities to use and overall, the new venture will create up to 100 jobs within Plymouth area.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Edmunds/627941635 Jay Edmunds

    have heard this so many times before!!! it wont open as a nightclub as the council will not grant it a licence due to their being enough clubs in that end of town. sorry but its a no go

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=689581972 Helen Barnett

    it shud be a go-karting place or something like jump, for kids, nothing like that in town so it wud be a hit

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gibbonfiddler Craig Stevens

    Oceana opened in October 2006, not 2004.

    Also: *Luminar Leisure. *Rejuvenate. *Prosperous.

  • Doogleme

    Craig Stevens.. I’m confused by your comment… It doesn’t say Oceana opened in 2004, it says that they had Destiny/Hero’s (which is now called Oceana).. And why the *’s?

  • 247magazine

    This article has now been edited as we had the wrong date for Oceana opening. The * were for the typo’s we originally had that were kindly pointed out by Craig.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=723391855 Mike Woodley

     tell steve that he should go karting somewere else lol :p

  • rezz123

     spot on jay, clubs like this are a thing of the past, spending 1 million on that money pit is a waste of time, who ever you are opening this place good luck your throwing your money away, clubs are suffering to make money up and down the country and a place this size would need vast ammounts of customers to make a profit and there just not there anymore, people these days have to many bars to choose from open till 4am, think i might open a 50s dance hall cos they used to be busy. Mugs!

  • http://www.facebook.com/peteday Pete Day

    Turn it into an O2 Academy and start getting some decent live music in Plymouth!