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What was the first song you ever wrote and what was it about?
The first song I ever wrote was called ‘If The Shoe Fits’. It’s about a guy I liked at the time. I have never done anything with it though as that was very early on and feel like I’ve developed my songwriting skills quite a bit since then but you never know, maybe I’ll bring that one back out into the world!

Your song ‘The Sea And Me’ is a beautiful ode to the South West coast where you grew up – what else do you take inspiration from?
Thank you. Yes indeed it’s a love song to the sea! I can only write about things that I feel or have experience. I find it hard to write about things I don’t know. So a lot of my songs are about love, loss, my music career etc. Lyrics are important to me, I try to be clever, poetic and also want to tell stories. It’s funny though, as lyrics are very personal when you’re writing about your own life. ‘Cling to me’ is actually about my insomnia which I’ve suffered from since I was 16.

How important do you think moving from Bournemouth to London was for your music career?
Very important. I’ve lived in London since I left university and although I know that Bournemouth has a bit of a music scene, I feel like London is the centre of things really happening. All the musicians I work with,the venues I get to play in and producers I meet are all based in London and I feel very lucky to live here.

Do you think women have a harder time than men in the industry?
I think music is still a man’s world. Especially the business side of it. And also in regards to image, I guess unfortunately female artists still mainly sell because of looks/sex appeal etc whereas there are male artists who are signed purely because of their music/voice and not necessarily about their looks.

Some people compare you to Amy Winehouse, what other comparisons have you had and how do you feel about those?
I’m flattered that I have that comparison. She was an incredible talent, great unique voice and very good songwriter. She isn’t one of my influences though, as I was listening to jazz and soul vocalists and found my ‘voice’ before Amy Winehouse came out. But I am a white solo female artist singing soul – and I see why people associate me with her. And also Adele. I think it’s a normal thing to reference similar artists when describing people’s sound. You’re always going to be compared with something/someone people know – unless what you do is completely out there and never been done before!

How important do you think music videos are for musicians today?
Music videos are very important. In an age where people watch youtube a lot and are on their iphones/computers constantly. It’s a great way to showcase a song and also promote yourself as a complete artist.

You’ve played Glastonbury, was that your biggest gig to date? What other gigs stick in your mind?
Glastonbury was incredible. My biggest gig to date was supporting the legend George Benson at Kenwood House picnic concert last summer. I performed in front of 6,000 people!

Your cover of Katy Perry’s Firework is pretty special, any other cover songs in the pipeline?
I recorded a few covers when I did that Katy Perry cover as well but I think the Katy Perry one got the most views on youtube! I recently did a Deep House version of Moloko’s Sing It Back with a DJ I met in Vegas last year. That will be out soon with a video (I haven’t seen the video yet!) And also was on a soulful house remix of Jill Scott’s ‘He Loves Me’ with a producer called Nick Doe. Which was released on Restless Soul label last year and was no.1 on Traxsource when it came out which was pretty awesome. However – I have a little project in the pipeline that I’m producing myself which will be an EP of Michael Jackson covers but with a twist. Watch this space!

More info on Louise Golbey at www.louisegolbey.com / Photo by Mat Smith