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Tell us about this competition to find someone to help with your next music video?

We’re looking for a great music  video for our next single in October which we’re recording in June, we’re looking for something a little different and something thats stands out and could also work as a great viral video. We’re calling all young future music video makers to get in touch with our manager at MaDa Music  (contact details on our website) and he’ll give you further info on how to get involved.

What’s the best music video you’ve ever seen?

Surely it’s Peter Gabriel “Sledge Hammer” closely followed by Beastie Boys “Sabotage” with Jay-Z “Big Pimpin” and Weezer “Buddy Holly” running in a close tie for third!

You’ve had some high profile support slots, tell us about those…and let us in on a secret about Graham Coxon!

Our first ever show was support one of our all time favorite artists; And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead in Brighton at Concorde2… it was a batism of fire. Conrad lost his shit on-stage and picked a fight with the monitor engineer then, we all went out and got drruuuuurrnnnnnkkk. It was super fun and gave us the bug to do more and more. One of our most memorable support slots must have been supporting Bombay Bicycle Club during the big freeze of winter 2010!!! Everyone battled to get to the venue and the show was nearly pulled over transport and weather issues, but we all made it and it was mad good, we also absolutely LOVE that band, a very talented bunch of fellows. Graham Coxon is super nice. Did you know he has a posh voice and is really really good at playing guitar!

What would be your dream support slot?

Dream support slots seem to just appear out of no-where, and they don’t happen very often, so we try not to think about them too much… but we’d love to perform with artists like Arcade Fire or Bjork.. the cherry on the cake would probably be a show with Bright Eyes because we are Saddle Creek GEEKS. But at the same time, we’d just really like to hit the road with some new bands that we are enjoying listening to at the moment. Like; Pond, Splashh, Spector and Peace.

Beach Break is gunna be a pretty big gig for you, does that scare or excite you?

It’s exciting to perform shows like this, and Beach Break has a cool vibe. Slade is big into Surfing too so it’s a double winner for him. When we played the Q Mag Stage at Glastonbury supporting The Magic Numbers we were literally shaking with fear. But as soon as we walk on stage at shows like these, the adrenaline hits your veins and you are home. We are meant to perform on big stages. It’s in the soul of this band. If you had to compare your sound to three artists who would they be? Gustav Klimt. Salvador Dali. Adam Neate.

Munich crops up a lot in popular culture, what’s the thinking behind the name?

It was a re-occurring dream I kept having when we couldn’t think of a band name. I kept dreaming we were called Munich. The dream kept happening and I didn’t tell anyone. Then, one morning, I woke up and my girlfriend said to me “last night I had the weirdest dream that your band was called Munich”… I thought that was weird and told Slade. That evening we had a show in Brighton. We were sitting outside the venue afterwards having a meeting with an agent, and as he left we all looked round. Emblazoned in 12″ high letters on the side of a bus stop was the word MUNICH. We took the sign. We are now called Munich.

What’s your most important Internet outlet for your music and why? Website /Facebook/ Youtube/ Bandcamp.

We love Bandcamp because it enables so many different things, but unfortunately (because I hate it) facebook still seems to be the dominant form of social networking and naturally drives alot of people towards our music. Blogs are great though. If you get good Blog press you are champion. An agent friend of ours calls it being “Blog Platinum” which is #cool.

More info at Thisismunich.co.uk / munich.bandcamp.com / facebook.com/thisismunich / Twitter – @thisismunich