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Famous for their Meerkats, online site Compare the Market have just launched a Credit Card comparison service, perfectly timed for the start of the year to help get the best deals on your credit cards.

With loads of different cards on the market offering a huge range of rates, it’s tricky to choose an option that will work for you, and not just the credit card company. Compare the Market aims to help people tailor their credit needs and pick a card accordingly, so we personally decided to put their new service to the test. Bearing in mind we’ve racked up a fair bit of spending on our cards over the past year and are currently paying rates of over 20% pa, we were looking for the best 0% deals from the 35 cards on the market. We found a deal for 24months interest free with Barclaycard that will save us over £3500 a year, we applied for the card, got accepted and got a free Meerkat at the same time!
If you’ve got a credit card, see how much you could save by moving to a different card HERE

NB> We all need to pay the bills somehow, so this post has been sponsored by Compare the Market, but all thoughts are our own and we found the saving by ourselves.