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Chemical Records
Sadly it’s been confirmed another Bristol record shop, the longstanding Chemical Records have now filed for administration and have closed down as this statement from the appointed administrators confirms.


Music & Lifestyle Ltd, which traded as Chemical Records from St Vincents Trading Estate, Bristol has gone into Administration. The company, which sold music related equipment and clothing, was bought out of Administration last summer by the existing management, but failed to reach its expected sales targets.

David Tann and John Kirkpatrick from the Reading office of accountants Wilkins Kennedy LLP were appointed Administrators on Wednesday 26 March 2014.

David Tann said,’We were appointed at short notice and had very little time to try and find a way forward for the business. Whilst we have spoken to a number of parties there appears to be little appetite from anyone to take on the whole business. As a result we had to take the difficult decision to close the doors completely and make all 19 staff redundant.’

The Administrators are currently considering offers for the assets of the company.

As reported on the Bristol Post website, their warehouse stocked more than 40,000 different titles of 12-inch vinyl records covering everything from house, trance, drum ‘n’ bass, techno, UK garage and hip-hop. The company started life as a record shop in Cheltenham in 1997, and was founded by friends Gordon Adam and Mark Walton. Chris Ramsay, a school friend of the pair, joined in 2000 to take on the internet side of the firm. Chris Ramsay claimed Chemical Records had the biggest and best operation in the dance scene in the UK. It was the trio’s love of rave music that drew them into the business of selling dance music gear. Mr Ramsay said they moved the shop to Bristol because of the popularity of the music scene in the city.

  • Glenn

    I am very upset!!!! Where elso do I go now???? I loved Chemical Records, their service and their range!!!!!! I am sick of this world going digital!!!!!!! Digital is nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just zeroes and ones and is nothing real!!!!!!!!! What do I do now?????????????? :(

  • achor8

    era una pagina increíble para la ropa y la musica su flow es descomunal espero que vuelvan abrir, un saludo desde el norte de africa!

  • nikki

    Glenn, exactly!!! I only just discovered this terrible news just now ; addmitedly I have not bought from there for a while but funnily enough was just about to start again, my average £50-75 a month new vinyls was starting to become a necessity again and this place was the dogs bollocks….im gutted,after a break from djing I come back to start my hours and days long listening sessions pre buying and discover it doesn’t exist!!! This is criminal to the music scene..surely there must be a few of the top end of minted DJ’s in this country who would want to invest in this and save and preserve this much needed shop…even if it was solely online!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!! COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

  • Jim Spratling
  • Chris

    Sorry to hear this, chemical was fantastic source of music for me for nearly a decade. I was one of the last people I know to move out the stoneage and into MP3’s using serato, but it has to be said, once the initial crossover period had passed, I have to say there was very little looking back. I also seemed to me that Chemical Records were slow with the uptake of digital music, I didn’t want to shop anywhere else, but I simply found hundreds of releases that weren’t being listed on Chemical elsewhere at Juno or (god forbid) Beatport. Chemical originally drew me away from Juno about 10 years ago, but now its gone full cycle. Sorry to see you go Chemical, hope there are other enterprises for you in the future.

  • David Mason

    Will the company open up under another name?

  • Guest

    Yep sad news just found out now, another independent record shop bites the dust..!
    The is a record shop you can still shop from, though its in Germany..
    Vinyl Distribution check’em out or you can try Juno Records in London..

  • Aztek DJ

    Yep sad news just found out now, another independent record shop bites the dust..!
    There is a record shop you can still purchase vinyl from, though its in Germany, Vinyl Distribution http://www.vinyl-distribution.co.uk/ check’em out or you can try Juno Records http://www.juno.co.uk/ in London..

  • Aztek DJ

    I’m not to sure what you mean “to move out the stoneage and into MP3’s”.. This would suggest that your moving forward to something better, though this couldn’t be further from the truth, as MP3’s are no comparison to vinyl.

    On the point of sound quality your are actually going backwards as MP3’s are a heavily compressed format and sound crap when amplified on big systems..
    Actually for the record MP3’s and CD’s should be a choice, not a replacement for vinyl, as they’re clearly not..!!

    Chemical Records were purists, which you have to respect, though sadly ease & convenience has over thrown quality..!!

  • Ryan D

    Screw Convenience. I will lug my records
    around UNTIL THE DAY I DIE!!!!!This Stinks!!! I live in Santa Monica CA
    and having been buying records at Chemical for a long time on and off!
    This is a bad day for me, I truly mean this. I know there are other options,
    amoeba, juno, others I won’t name. The point is chemical got the orders out
    quickly every damn time. Vinyl makes MP3’s sound like garbage and all
    digi. thanks for alot the dope Electronic Records i own and i
    will miss u guys man oh man Ryan D aka RhinoBeats67