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Mobile and Online Gaming Trends for 2016

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It’s an industry whose market value continues to grow at a rapid rate and the online gaming market is not set to slow down anytime soon. The gaming industry as a whole has seen an astonishing boom in recent times thanks to a number of innovative new ways in which more and more of us can enjoy gaming. There was a time when console gaming was leading the world in terms of household gaming experiences but with the mobile market developing fast and new and more impressive mobile platforms coming to fruition we have been able to witness an incredible shift which has seen a huge rise in online gaming.

The market itself, which has almost trebled over the past decade, owes much to the rise of the smartphone and the subsequent growth in the mobile gaming industry. This has led to independent developers having a better chance at creating their own unique gaming visions as well as industries like mobile casino sites, such as Royal Vegas Casino, enjoying increased revenue around the world.

Smartphone ownership has increased significantly around the world and this has meant that owners have convenient access to millions of online games and apps, more than we’ve ever seen before. Gaming generally has always proved to be a popular pastime however it has alienated a large proportion of the population in the past due to both the complex gaming controls and themes as well as their overly expensive price tags. But mobile-based gaming has managed to change that by offering free-to-play gaming apps as well as a host of hugely successful social-based games developed for the mobile and tablet market.

Developer giants Electronic Arts managed to generate a huge $195 million in revenue back in 2015 thanks to digital downloads and it’s a figure that is set to keep on rising over the forthcoming years. In fact the digital market as a whole grew globally by 8% to reach an astonishing $61 billion. The likes of Microsoft and Sony have already seen the huge benefits of providing digital content for Xbox and PlayStation for owners and players to enjoy. This has meant that the once weakening console industry has managed to claw back its losses to compete more strongly with the rising demand in mobile-based entertainment.

With the gaming revenue for smartphones and other mobile-based devices peaking at a massive 10.68 billion Euros in 2015 you can see just how competitive the market is, and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. In fact with new and exciting gaming technologies such as virtual and augmented reality devices and apps in development there is almost certainly another wave of incredible and innovative new online gaming entertainment for to enjoy for years to come.