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FRANK Water, the Bristol based charity and social enterprise, are looking for a team of around 200, enthusiastic, fun-loving, volunteers who are passionate about making a difference in developing countries as well as protecting the environment. Volunteers will promote FRANK Water and sell FRANK Water FreeFill water bottles (refillable, exercise style bottles) to the public at festivals throughout the U.K this summer. Once a bottle has been purchased, it can be filled for FREE at the FRANK Water Refill stations situated around festival sites; giving the public an unlimited supply of filtered, chilled, water. As well as FREE entrance to the festival, you’ll get staff camping facilities including cleaner toilets, showers and meal vouchers per shift you work. You will also receive a trendy FRANK Water t-shirt. 100% of the profits from the sale of the FRANK Water FreeFill bottles will go to FRANK Water Projects, a charity, which has so far raised enough money to fund 87 clean water projects. The sustainable water projects implemented so far provide villages in India with access to filtered, clean, drinking water. FRANK Water hopes to raise enough money this year to be able to branch out and start new projects in other parts of the world where clean water is not accessible. Festivals produce thousands or tonnes of waste every year, which has a direct impact on our environment. On average a single person will drink 10 bottles of water over a festival weekend. So at a festival of 30,000 people, that is a lot of bottles going to waste. The FreeFill initiative reduces a festival’s carbon footprint, by encouraging people to re-use rather than re-buy bottled water.
To apply volunteers need to complete the FRANK Water FreeFill Application Form, as soon as possible, found at: www.freefill.frankwater.com