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It’s early days yet but Cosmo Jarvis possesses days in abundance. Born in 1990 in Ridgewood, New Jersey and growing up in the wilds of Devon, England. Cosmo Jarvis is a composer, lyricist, video maker, actor, singer and multi-instrumentalist who will endear himself to you as a cross between Jilted John, Kurt Cobain, Prince, and Eminem. Having said that, Cosmo is a genuine one-off and quite possibly the artist you’ve been waiting for.

As a singer and songwriter, Cosmo is both a soloist and fronts his own band. Cosmo has written over two hundred songs, recorded over a hundred demos, directed and made over sixty videos and short movies. Most of his music and stories are autobiographical and reveal significant moments in his life journey from the age of twelve. Others transmit visual storyboards in song – an extraordinary interaction of music and lyrics to generate imagery and emotive sentiments.

Catch him live at these intimate Cornish venues before he blows up big…
April 2 – Taphouse, St Agnes
April 3 – The Melting Pot, Redruth
April 4 – The Crow Room, St Ives
Contact venues directly for further information.