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Deep in the Devonshire countryside, surrounded by fields and a beautiful lake you will discover Aeon Festival. It offers alternative, mystical and hippy vibes which can be enjoyed through yoga and Tai Chi day classes, by embracing local live talent including electronica to folk and MCing to Hip hop music to comedy and poetry acts, the array of delicious homemade vegetarian food or relaxing in the main arena on gigantic tree trunks whilst taking in the sounds and sights of this tranquil family, teenage and student friendly festival. You could even take part in workshops on sight; A Touch Of The Wild and its welcoming and colourful decor offered Bush craft, green woodwork and blacksmithing workshops to over 16’s at a very fair price.

What is more, you could watch movies in the Cinema bus, take part in sports and visit the cafes offering exquisite homemade cakes. There was plenty of fun and shenanigans to be had- never a dull moment at Aeon festival. You even had the choice of bringing your pooch along which added to the friendly, chilled out and family orientated feel of the festival. It is definitely worth a mention that Aeon matches up to its reputation of having the cleanest festival toilets: the cleaning of them went down a storm and it was funny when overhearing tipsy adults say: ‘didn’t they win an award for their toilets?’

It felt like you were slipping into a different world as you entered Aeon over the stone bridge where located in the water a crocodile was taking its crocodile acquaintance for a ride on the Jet Ski. It was fantastic to see children lapping up and giggling throughout the festival whilst their parents reminisced about their teenage festival days in their Dr Martin boots and hippy hair ties.

The sun beamed down during the lazy festival days, which would later turn into a memorizing sunset over the lake. Families and festival goers sipped on their ciders whilst taking in the stunning scenery as well as the chilled out yet buzzing atmosphere that was present. Aeon 2010 offered a haven for artistic, musical and creative people of all ages where they could dance, laugh, party, get involved and be entertained whilst discovering new and interesting experiences throughout the three day festival.

The music stopped quite early which although was good for the families with children, the raving festival goers were craving for more. This is when the bonfires came into play where everyone huddled around making new festival mates and for that extra bit of body heat. The nights were so cold so the blazing heat was extremely appreciated by the freezing hundreds!

You could not help but notice the amount of tigers strolling about Aeon and the people of the festival did this years Global Safari theme proud. From guys wearing leopard print tights to ladies in their homemade tiger outfits you most certainly could not miss these sassy felines out!

Overall Aeon offered a fantastic weekend for both young and old which happened to be just on your doorstep. From the words of the organisers ‘it’s all just blood, sweat and tears and a big dollop of love and passion’ and you can see how their heart and soul went into making this festival one of the best for 2010.

Words and photos: Jess Board