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The Atherton family – originally from Cheddar in Somerset and now living in North Wales are the fastest family in the world of Mountain biking (MTB). The two brothers, Dan and Gee, and sister Rachel compete in Downhill and 4X racing all over the world. Competing against the clock in Downhill, to be the fastest down the hillside, or against 3 other riders in the 4X, the racing is hard and fast in both types of competition. Gee and Rachel are both former world champions and Gee is the current World Cup Downhill Series champion, and all this before they are even 30! Check out the video diaries below, titles The Atherton Project, put together by Red Bull as they follow them through the 2010 race season.

Episode 10

Episode 9

Episode 8

Episode 7

Episode 6

Episode 5

Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 2

Episode 1