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Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, let me inform you about the Judge. Swansea based band Judge Tuxedo played a return gig at the Uplands Tavern on September 21. The band consisted of four people. Each seemed to have their own pre-gig warm up ritual. The drummer could be seen stretching almost aerobic like in front of the waiting crowd while the singer bass player and guitarist evaded the pre-gig limelight. But once the show had begun the musical exhibit began. The goliath like singer stood tall above the rest of the band and his theatrical ways added content to the songs. What would he do next, know-one seemed to know? The “once at the front” aerobic drummer then blended into the background and could only be heard of in his steady committed backdrop to all the songs. A constant beat, steady, like the glue holding the others together. Crashing cymbals and muted timing added an unbreakable backbeat to the rest of the band. Combined with the bass players pleasing on the ear, walking bass lines and abrupt musical changes made for a strong backing force and an unsubscribed refreshing bombardment on the ears . The changing tempo and un-guessable musical ability of the guitarist added yet another dimension to this band. With only one guitar change during the entire set his use of various gadgets and gizmos added icing to the already substantial musical cake. How did he produce that sound? These were not just your average pub-band songs, they seemed to be weaving a strange musical journey that twisted your brain. One that defined the rock genre, yet challenged it. One that put the V sign up at it. The here “we are attitude” of the front man and the rest of the band enforced this message further. The audience were taken on a Voyage into a refreshing musical change in this genre. One that was again pinned down by the front man’s menacing and audience engaging presence. His voice ranged from high to a low whisper, giving your ears an unpredictable engaging experience. Then came the unexpected. The epic out of reach seemed to drag the audience into the bands world. One of ear piercing, at times loud, at times a whisper boundary pushing music. Keep your ears to the ground, a new band appears to be rising in Swansea. Judge them for yourself, they are Judge Tuxedo.

Words: Mark Love