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Undeterred by the news that notorious former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher looks to be on the mend, lefty Bristolians are storming ahead in their preparations for an epic party when the 85 year old finally pops her clogs!
On the announcement of her death a convoy will head up to Trafalgar Square in London for a street party. More details on Bristol Indymedia.
The news comes as the righteous, right wing, Thatcher-loving Daily Mail condemns a tongue in cheek website which updates eager visitors with the latest on Maggie’s ill health.
Isthatcherdeadyet.co.uk is currently stuck on the big black letters spelling out ‘Not Yet’, a massive disappointment to those Thatcher haters who remember how she pretty single-handedly crushed the communities of South Wales and North East by closing the mines, how she destroyed the national railway system by privatising the network and how she denied hundreds of thousands of poorer school children of free milk.
But her health has been taking a turn for the worse in recent months and there are many who thing she can’t be far from death’s door.
And there’s one musician who is set for a bit of a windfall in royalties when the ‘witch’ dies and that is Darren Hayman from Hefner, who penned the hilarious song ‘The Day That Thatcher Dies, during which a chorus of kids sing ‘bang bang the witch is dead, which old witch, the wicked witch.’

Tasteless or genius, you decide…