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We’re sorry to inform you that Adam Buxton of Adam and Joe fame has been forced to pull out of this weekend’s Dreamboat Presents gig but music lovers can still expect to hear a whole host of treats during the five-day festival.

Dreamboat Presents, in association with 247 Magazine and Rise Music, kicks off at Start the Bus on Friday with Wonderfully Courteous Gentlemen and SJ Essau. Then on Sunday the delightful Parisian/Westcountry songstress This Is The Kit takes to the stage (no longer alongside Adam Buxton) while Monday sees a rare hometown gig for Gravenhurst (signed to Warp) and London’s The Rollercoaster Project. Tickets for these three events cost between £3.5o and £4.50. Tuesday and Wednesday’s gigs are free of charge and feature Welsh psychadelic indie pop outfit Colorama and 9 Bach and Danish electro indie rockers Slaraffenland and Bristol’s The Termites.

The festival is also being run in association with Inkygoodness, which will be showcasing Dreamboat themed illustration.
A spokesman for Dreamboat Records said: “Every year Dreamboat Records has had a small Christmas party. This year we thought we’d change things and have a BIG Christmas party.”
Dreamboat Records will have its merch table there all week, with records, new t-shirts and plenty of Dreamboaty treats and there will be no shortage of 247 Magazines to browse through as you wait for the acts to come on!

The spokesman added: “Dreamboat Records is very sorry to announce that due to filming commitments Adam Buxton will no longer be able to appear at our event at Start The Bus on Sunday 12 December. Instead we will be celebrating the release of Adam and Joe’s Song Wars Volume 2 with an exclusive listening party and a quiz hosted by Adam via the magic of video, with signed A&J prizes for the winners. BBC 6 Music favourites, This Is The Kit will still be travelling over from Paris to perform with an extra special line up, and there will be Dreamboat DJs as well.
“The evening will still be smashing fun, but if you are inconsolable, we are more than happy to offer a refund or for your ticket to be used for any other of our events on the 10th/13th/14th/15th of December. Adam is also very very sorry, and has said he will come to Bristol in the new year to make it up to you all! So stay tuned…”

See you there!