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Whilst their influences might be fellow two-piece bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys, The Fuzz frontman Lloyd Edwards insists that he and drummer Rhys Saunders offer a distinct and different sound. “I really think The Fuzz is unique, we stand out from these rock-based duos because we play indie and blues music,” he said. “We are always experimenting with our sound, I’ve got a lot of guitar effects pedals which help us create something original.”

Forming in August 2010, the musical pair, who are both students at Swansea Metropolitan University, have been performing locally for the last month and are pleased with the audiences’ reactions.
“We’ve played a fair few gigs in places like Milkwood Jam and the Uplands Tavern that have gone well. The response has been really good and because there are no other two-piece bands like us in Swansea, we’re a bit different and people seem to like that,” Edwards explains.

The Fuzz’s live sets currently comprise of covers and a handful of originals, but whilst the indie-rockers have revealed they are working on new material, a debut record is not in the immediate future.
“We want to promote ourselves and for people to be a bit more familiar with us, so we are going to continue gigging in Swansea and hopefully Cardiff. There are no plans for an album just yet, but we want to get a few new songs on the go that we can practise and try out at shows,” the singer clarifies.

Along with juggling performing, practising and penning new tunes, the two-piece have also got university to concentrate on, but Edwards believes that their hard work will pay off.
He said: “We want to do well and playing music is something that we both really enjoy and to be honest, I can’t ever see myself working a nine-to-five job. I would rather spend my life doing something I love and getting alright money than earning lots, but hating my job and being unhappy.”

It is still early days for the band that are named after a fuzz guitar pedal, but it is pretty obvious that both Edwards and Saunders are in it for the long haul. For more information about The Fuzz see their Facebook page.

Words: Kate Rees