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Could this be the best summer job in the world? Budweiser 66 is looking for official festival beer tester. One lucky student can forget working in a call centre, factory shifts or mowing the neighbour’s lawn this summer as the world’s largest brewer is recruiting for an official beer tester. The job ­ which comes with a £10,000 pay packet for six days work ­ involves visiting summer festivals where Bud 66, the new lightly carbonated beer from Budweiser, is sole beer supplier. The recruit will have the job title of Beer Executive Officer (BEO) and be chauffeured to the Run To The Sun music festival in Cornwall and Creamfields, Cheshire in a classic VW campervan to sample and test the beer before it is served at the events.

Iain Newell from Bud 66 said: “For many the job spec will read like a dream position ­ sociable hours, excellent day rate, the opportunity to meet (lots of) interesting people ­ with the simple objective to deliver great times to as many people as possible. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to come forward, live the dream and prove they have the best taste-Buds in the business.”

The recruit will judge the beer’s aroma, appearance, temperature and taste before it is served to bands and DJs including Grooverider, Calvin Harris and the Chemical Brothers as well as general festival-goers ­ a role that could make them very popular indeed. They will also be followed by a TV crew and have the chance to interview the festival acts.

Applications for the job of Bud 66 BEO should be made via the Bud 66 Facebook site: www.facebook.com/BudweiserUK The recruitment process is
only open to over 18s who are residents in the UK.

Photo by Budweiser 66 via Flickr