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If you want to go out, enjoy a burger and some beers and just have a relaxed and fun night out with your friends, there’s only really one place to go in Bath – Market. It’s the very definition of cool. Unpretentious, relaxed, chilled out staff and great food, the kind of place that doesn’t have to try, it’s just somewhere you want to be. The kind of place that reminds me of the Lower East Side in New York. Where rock stars would hang out if they were in the city.

The burger menu is extensive. There’s pretty much nothing missing from the list. And if there is something else that you want the chefs are more than happy to try to help.
And they are great burgers. I think that the sign of a good burger is when you bite into it and the fillings ooze out and cover your face. Well, they definitely do that at Market! One bite into my chef’s special stuffed with goat’s cheese, caramelized onions and rocket and my chops were a cheesy mess. Probably not very attractive, but it certainly tasted good.

And that’s the main thing. It really was as close to the perfect burger as you’re going to get. Well cooked, succulent meat, great quality toppings in generous amounts, wonderful fresh bread from the Thoughtful Bread Company, based in Farrington Gurney, and perfect chips – crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy in the middle and seasoned to perfection.
Market is the proof that burgers don’t have to be junk food. I’m convinced, they have to serve some of the best burgers in Bath.

Words and photo: Emma Dance