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Set in the beautiful Seale Hayne building, in the Devon countryside in the town of Newton Abbot, The Yellow Room opened it’s doors as a music venue in June 2011 and is rapidly getting attention with some stellar acts booked to appear at the venue. US hip hop legend, Grandmaster Flash is by far their biggest act to date and he didn’t disappoint! After a slightly late start, Grand Master Flash commanded “Everybody make some noise!” and the whole of the Yellow Room, exploded into noise from the capacity crowd. The Master was in charge, the crowd were putty in his hands, doing whatever he asked them to do. “Put your hands in the air!” and a sea of waving hands appeared, he had them obeying the Master’s every wish. What amazed me was the age range of the audience, youngsters from around 11 or 12 years old, right through to the older generation of 50+ were whooping it up and making noise. Playing snippets from Queen, Run DMC, Snap, Blur, Aerosmith and of course The Message amongst many more, the audience loved them all. Great lighting and sound helped to create a great atmosphere. It was a great night and such a great gig for such a young venue. It would be good to see Grand Master Flash make a return visit in the not too distant future.

Words: Pat Lucas