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Schadenfreude – a German word that means taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune – is the second EP from Falmouth based band Chinese Sky Candy, released December 3rd 2011. Never before have four tracks been so creepy in such a good way. This is music that gets under your skin, hypnotic, captivating, chilling and completely irresistible.

Tiger Blood Vaccine is a song that makes you wonder how you ever lived your life B.S. (Before Schadenfreude). An upbeat song of desperation, haunting melodies combined with beats Ibiza would be proud of make you want to dance and self harm at the same time. Psychosis at it’s finest.

How to Exit a Room is a little more inconspicuous, with comparisons likely to be drawn with Muse, The Pixies and Yeasayer. Gothic, dark and mysterious, with guitars sounding almost medieval at times and a heap of sounds that are completely ineffable, if guilt and self loathing had a theme tune this would be it.

Don’t Take the Compliment is another production heavy track, a futuristic medley of confusion and yearning. With minimal melody, unearthly vocals and a trance like rhythm this song is a little bit like being in limbo. I imagine.

Finally, E.O.I., a track packed full of emotionally driven vocal melodies and guitar riffs that will follow you around for days. The dub step infused bass lines peak in all the right places, and imitation drums are the driving force that make this seven-minute track feel like just a moment in time. You will want to hit repeat.

Download Schadenfreude HERE.

Words: Hannah Giles