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How did the band come about and what have you been doing over the past year or so?
We started The Sea after our last band fell apart, we really were just jamming some new stuff together in our parents’ garage for pure enjoyment, and I guess when you don’t try too hard good things start to happen. We got signed within 6 months of starting. This past year we’ve been mastering/mixing and touring a lot in Europe, USA and Canada – it’s been amazing!

Growing up in Newquay, was it inevitable you’d surf?
Yeah, I guess it was. Everyone we grew up with surfed and we both fell in love with the sport. When we’re on tour we watch all the ASP contests. It reminds us of home I guess.

What else do you love about Newquay and Cornwall?
The people, it’s like nowhere else in the world. A pace of life that’s very different to the city.

Was the move to London a necessity and how are you finding it?
Sadly, yes it was, but it has been a massive source of inspiration to us and this new album. We struggled to fit in to start with, but we’re pretty much part of the furniture in Camden now.

Seeing one of your classmates (James Morrison) make it in the industry must’ve been a bit of an inspiration…
Of course yeah, he’s done so amazingly well, we’re proud of him! Sadly we keep missing each other though, it always seems he’s in the same city as us two days before us!

You’re touring with him soon – good old fashioned nepotism or testament to the quality of your music?
Of course it’s about the music! If we weren’t up to the job we would never have been asked to do it. We’ve been talking about it between the 3 of us for a while but it’s all down to his management and our management.

Do you think you have a similar sound? And how would you sum up your sound?
Well it’s not that similar, we’re definitely more alternative, but this new record has got plenty of pop on it and likewise his new record has some harder moments to it too. We’re all confident that these shows will go down really well.

The name isn’t very Google friendly, what was the thinking behind it?
Well, when we decided to do this we wanted to be as difficult to track down as possible – a secret band. However, our label didn’t see it that way – ha ha! There was never any question that we should change
the name though. We are The Sea and always will be!

You’ve toured all over, what’s your favourite sea and why?
When we were playing in L.A we got to go surfing at Malibu that was great, but I don’t think you can beat a good day in September in Newquay!

What would you like to achieve this year?
Well most of what we want to achieve is already mapped out for us this year – release, tour, release, tour – so, just getting back out there again. We do want to finish writing and recording another album too, but we’re having such an amazing time doing this. Obviously we’d like to get a hit but quite frankly The Sea has taken us all over the world, who wouldn’t be happy with that! We’re pretty lucky and plan to keep enjoying it.

More info on The Sea at www.theseasounds.co.uk

  • Booner Cope

    Wish em luck. Not every Cornwall lad does the move. Jonny Gibbings was asked to do the London thing, now his book is being made into a movie – he told em to poke it. Meetings are in Plymouth and scheduled around Magic Seaweed’s surf forecasts!

    Wish em well, Wescountry sounds taking over!