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Neotropics – tell us about the name? And don’t you think it sounds more metal than electo pop?

You’re the first person to say it sounds metal! It came from hours of searching of Wikipedia for something that sounded epic. We were guna go for “She’s made of Iron, Sir”.

You’re playing Dot to Dot, that’s quite a big deal, how do you feel about that?

Yeh we’re looking forward to it! The closer it gets, the more people are telling us its a big deal..so we got a sick set together for it!

Who else are you most looking forward to seeing at Dot to Dot?

Will probably check out Pulled Apart by Horses – they look exciting! Just looking forward to the whole day really!

What other Bristol bands do you rate?


You’ve only been going for a year or so, how would you sum that year up?

Hmmm. It’s had its highs and its lows! We’ve come along way. Shows have been getting better, the music is getting stronger. As you say we’re only young and we’ve got alot more to give…

The new single is called ‘Always and Never’, what does that mean?

It doesn’t really mean anything – It just sounded right! It’s a quote from the movie Sin City – You can always rely on Bruce Willis to pull something out of the bag.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We’re going to be releasing our new single ‘Always and Never’ of 25 June, we’re shooting a video for it as we speak! So excited to get this music out. We’re very proud of it. Other than that we’ be working on a new E.P, playing more shows and eating our five a day.

What’s the best thing about being a band in Bristol?

The venues are awesome. We grew up in Cornwall so we’re not used the variety up here. We love Thekla and Start the Bus. Promoters up here are really helpful too, there’s a nice little industry going on.

More info on Neotropics at http://www.facebook.com/neotropics or see them live at Bristol Dot to Dot Festival 2012.