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With a name like The Front Bottoms, it’s all too easy to dismiss this surprisingly talented American trio with nothing more than a chuckle. Maybe it comes across differently in the States – like fanny pack or pants – but seriously…The Front Bottoms? It conjures up images of a children’s TV show trying to teach sex ed with a Teletubbies style band, not of a credible guitar band. But like Simon Cowell learned his lesson about judging a book by their cover when SuBo opened her gob, so we must learn not to judge a band by its questionable name.

For here we have a tight trio, playing highly-charged, catchy pop punk, which wouldn’t be out of place in the early noughties – among the likes of Blink 182 and The Bloodhound Gang – but which also has a credible contemporary air about it a la The Hold Steady, Neutral Milk Hotel or The Cribs – those slightly raw, compelling lyrics and simple tunes. The crowd is with them from the onset, as they showcase earworm after earworm, including ‘Maps’ and ‘Swimming Pool’.

And by the time Banquet Records peers Tellison take to the stage, we’ve all forgotten about the ridiculous name of the support band – good work lads. This is the end of a short UK tour for Tellison, who are currently working on their third album and it’s clear they’ve grown. Not only have they managed to almost fill The Garage, but they are oozing an air of confidence missing from their last tour. The songs from their most recent album The Wages of Fear have grown wings to become epic sing-a-longs with ‘Wasp’s Nest’ and ‘Say Silence (Heaven and Earth)’ hitting the spot with the right amount of angst, emotion and girth.

A cracking two-hander of a gig – showcasing talent from either side of the pond.

Words: Laura Williams