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The omnipresent music scene in Plymouth has given many an artist the chance to develop and perform across the country, but rarely so for cover bands. However, for Knotslip, the enigmatic Slipknot covers band, a UK tour and homecoming gigs are on the horizon for the later part of the year. 247 Magazine reviewer Louk chats to the nine-piece to discuss their history and anticipation about the upcoming tour…

You didn’t originally start as a covers band, what type of band were you before?

Karl: We formed in 2009, and when we were recording and playing as Bring The Plague, there were five of us (two of which aren’t part of Knotslip). We performed at quite a few venues in Plymouth and wrote our own material as well.
It must have been quite a transformation, from ‘Bring The Plague’ to ‘Knotslip’, how did this come together?
Ali: It came about by me signing ‘Bring The Plague’ up for a light hearted ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ tribute night without any one else in the band knowing. We were up against time to find four other members of the Plymouth Music Community, and looked to other bands for help so we could perform as a Slipknot cover band. Soon all nine members of the band were mirrored and we played our first covers gig at ‘The White Rabbit’ back in May.

Following the success of the gig, what made you want to do it again?

Corin: The Youtube videos were viral, and Jamie from Livesound Promotions (the promoter of our début night), was approached by a Club Manager from Swansea, who wanted to book the band, and asked if were were up for playing once more as a Slipknot cover band.
Tom: All of the band were well up for it, as we had such an amazing buzz and none of us had played to the crowd with the energy of the White Rabbit before. For us to be offered the chance to do it again, we’d have been foolish not to.

What was it like turning up to the ‘White Rabbit’ with boiler suits and gas masks?! How did Plymouth’s public react?

Corin: I got some funny looks on the bus!
Peter: People were stopping us for photos, it was quite surprising but we were happy to oblige.
So what made you choose Slipknot in particular?
Karl: A Slipknot show has got the theatrics, the circus appeal, the brutality. Their shows are not just about the music, it’s about the entertainment as well, and no other metal band are like them.

…And if they would never have existed, who would you have picked?

Corin: I’d have said Bros!!!
Ali: Tatu, just so we could re-enact the lesbian kissing.
Alex: Pink Floyd

What should people who come to a Knotslip show to expect?

Scott: A concentrated version, of the real thing, but as near as damnit as you will get in the UK…..!

Do you feel it is quite limiting being a covers band?

Karl: The range of songs on offer is obviously limited, but we still try to add our own little elements to each Slipknot track. We are more than just a carbon copy of the real thing.
Corin: It’s very easy to be just a ‘Covers’ band, but it’s very hard to cover Slipknot.
Tom: Also, it’s a shame really that we can’t be as big as the real thing.
You are about to embark on a full UK tour, tell us more about that?
Dan: We are playing thirteen dates starting in September at Weymouth, and ending Dec 30th at the London Scala. We are seriously excited about all the dates, most of us have never toured outside of Plymouth so it is an amazing opportunity for us.

You mentioned Weymouth, where you are playing alongside ‘Jilted Generation’ (the renowned Prodigy cover band), how much work has it taken to get to the stage you are at?

Tom: We have taken inspiration from such a good cover band and it’s a privilege to play alongside them. It’s taken serious commitment from all nine of us to meet regularly but we have given it our all, to ensure not just the music, but the whole Slipknot experience is given to the crowd. Playing alongside ‘Jilted Generation’ is also going to be a learning experience for us to see the workings of such a long-standing cover band.

Do you have any plans to return to the White Rabbit?

Peter: Yes, they have booked us for November the 2nd, we can’t wait and hope it’s as busy and energetic as last time.

Anything else to declare??

Corin: The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I’ve got grease!
Karl: Prepare yourselves.
Ali: Yes, but that’s a whole other interview.

Words: Louk
Photo: Marianne Harris