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Attention producers! Fed up of having to re-use the same vocals everyone else has caned over the years?? There’s always a point in making your track when you want to add in something to make your tune stand out and take it to the next level, or the other option of building a full vocal based song from the ground up, and not just have a repeated vocal loop all the way through?

The crew at Loopmasters have created eight fully original songs written and recorded at the Monster Sounds studio by two talented songwriter /vocalists /topline writers. Both vocalists have loads of real studio time notched up between them having worked with many an experienced producer on some successful projects. To add more credentials to this pack, the producers at Monster Sounds have top-lined, produced and engineered many vocal sessions from underground to commercial singers and rappers, so you know the quality is gonna be there.

There are a multitude of different song ideas and subjects to give credible vocals with maximum flexibility for producers in all different genres. There are four female vocals and four male vocals in this pack. All vocals are suited to electronic music production, but also could be equally flipped into a more acoustic or traditional instrument based music. All monster sounds EXCEPT this vocal pack are on 20% off sale at the moment on Loopmasters site, buy all sample packs here: www.loopmasters.com/label/show/32/Monster_Sounds

We have 3 copies of the Killer Acapellas sample packs worth £34.95 each to giveaway, to be in with a chance of winning, simply fill your details on the form below, please put LOOPMASTERS in the subject line and remember to include your address so we can post your tickets if needs be. Deadline: August 31. Winners to be informed by email.

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