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How did Centrefolds come about?

Martin and Tom put the first draft together several years ago. The sexual tension was palpable. Unfortunately the line-upwasn’t quite right until sometime later when Messrs McClean and Smith came into the fray.

What has been your highlight so far?

Glastonbury 2011 – without a doubt; supporting national bands such as All The Young, The Cornonas, Toploader and Ex Lovers, a recent highlight having Release The Hounds featured as the soundtrack on ITV’s JP Morgan Premiership Rugby 7s Highlights. Plus a bag of sandwiches we shared during one of our practices. All epic highlights I think you will agree.

How did the Glastonbury appearance come about?

In 2011…through lots of emails and eventual ear-smashing discovery. We supported Beyonce (in a way!)

Sum up your sound for us in one sentence?

Put simply – It goes in through your ears, makes you bounce your t1ts off and eventually comes out through your pores, leaving you in a state of euphoria.

What’s your favourite Bristol gig venue and why?

Louisiana – consistently awesome sound and staff that get it.

You’re quite proactive with your approach to press– is that important to you? And what’s the best things someone’s written about you to-date?

It’s massively important to us. We can keep writing the songs but the press is 50% of what makes people stand up (or sit down) and listen….Couple of kind words from the likes of Mr Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music) “Bristol has enjoyed a resurgence in reputation as a ‘taste making city’. Centrefolds have produced the antithesis of the current ‘Bristol’ sound. Release The Hounds is unapologetic, artfully crafted, hook-laden indie-pop”.

We see you’re still using Myspace – how important do you think that is these days? And how does Facebook compare for you?

Social networking is quickly becoming diluted with a mass of bands trying to grab the attention of the public. Everone is competeing for the same thing which eventually killed MySpace. We are mainly using Facebook and Twitter to promote and engage at the moment. Soundcloud is also important to us as this is how we seduced the ears of Tom Robinson via his blog ‘Fresh On the Net’

Your recent EP is called ‘Release The Hounds’– what inspired that title and where do you stand on fox hunting?

The hounds are a metaphor for something so strong it infects you and you can’t help passing it onto others – RE: Fox hunting. No foxes or hounds were hurt in the creation of our new EP so we would rather just sit on the fence.

More info at http://facebook.com/centrefoldsmusic