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Regulars on the Bristol music scene, we’re always seeing your name around town – which other Bristol bands do you rate?

So many. We love our friends bands like Towns, Velcro Hooks, Scarlet Rascal & The Trainwreck, The Naturals, Lets Kill Janice, Spectres, etc.

What’s your favourite Bristol venue to play and why? And what’s been your best gig to-date?

A lot of the venues are great due to their different characteristics. We like Thekla & Start The Bus – our best gigs have probably been there supporting friends of ours (like Carousels, Towns & Lets Kill Janice).

Tell us about the name…it’s pretty intriguing.

It’s MMuG spelled backwards.

You’ve not been going for that long, what do you ideally want to have achieved by the end of your first year?

Our first single will be released later this year, we plan to play some shows out of town to coincide with that. This year’s been great for us so far and has helped to build a foundation for next year and thereafter.

You rock with a female bassist, I guess there can be a bit of a sexist stigma attached to that and how do you address that?

We’ve not come across any thus far. People seem to see having a female member as a positive thing and there are loads of great female musicians around (bassists like Tina Weymouth, Kim Deal & Jenny Lee Lindberg from Warpaint come to mind). She definitely does rock though!

What’s the best thing anyone’s ever said about you?

We’ve had lots of kind words from fans, friends and press. Our debut single was described by one blog as: “‎the sort of triumphant neo-baggy jaunt that would have had Alan McGee circa 1993 frothing at the mouth and reaching for a blank cheque”…that was rather reinforcing.

GuMM play the sold out Howling Owl Records summer showcase at The Crypt in Bristol on August 18. More info at http://soundcloud.com/gummband