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You’re from Blackwood – just like Manic Street Preachers– any similarities with them and how do you think your hometown has shaped you?

I do think that where you are from does shape your lyrics and music. I wouldn’t say we sound like the Manics but obviously everyday life in the valleys does have an influence on lyrics and music. I believe growng up in the valleys, singer/songwriters keep their lyrics meaningful compared to other artists. Going back to the Manics, what Welsh band has never loved a manics track when starting out? They are a influence on every Welsh band, without a doubt!

You’ve been compared to Lostprophets, an obvious comparison being from the same area don’t you think? Who do you think you sound like?

I must say, I think the comparison has been made due to the fact that we worked with Mike Chiplin who is the ex LP drummer, Personally, I think we tend to shy away from that sound in earlier singles but I do think with the new single ‘442’ there is a comparison of some sort. We have also been compared to Funeral for a Friend, but again I dont think our sound is quite like theirs. It’s hard to describe who we would sound similar to, as our live set is very varied! I’ll leave that judgement to the fans!

We’re digging your song ‘Guilty’…what do you have to be guilty about?

Well Chris wrote the lyrics to this – it’s pretty much about someone who has a friend who is a attention seeker, likes to cause trouble and do things behind people’s back and doesn’t really care who he upsets or hurts. He just cares about himself. Im sure there’s quite a few people out there who can relate to that!

You’ve released three singles now, what’s the appeal of singles as opposed to albums?

With singles, I find that you can really workout where your fan base is at without spending a absolute fortune on a full album. Singles keep things fresh and more exciting and you have more room to promote build a hype. One day we will record a album, I’m not doubting that, but for now i think singles and 4/6 track EPs are the way forward. Funeral for a Friend and Ash have gone down this route recently too.

Who inspires you most?

Well there are a lot if inspirations going on in the band. Myself, I tend to like the more emo/hardcore genre, Chris and Henry are more into their funk drum and bass, George likes his more classic rock and Nathan is more of a early Nineties indie man.

If you could play any venue in Wales and with any band, who would it be and why?

Well it would have to be te Millenium Stadium, that’s probably many artists/bands’ dream. Alongside? There many answers to that but on behalf of the band I would say Biffy Clyro, Muse, InMe, Brand New….the list is quite endless!

More info on Seconds From Ruin at www.facebook.com/Secondsfromruin or see them live at Undertone in Cardiff on October 25, 2012. Entry £3.