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Your story is quite an inspirational one – tell us how things have changed for you over the last 4 years…

Well there’s a lot more people in my life for one lol! Just from that there’s a lot more capacity for trading off love and inspiration. As a whole, internally I feel I’ve expanded, discovered myself and the world as a musician and a person and the journey still continues!

Your Adele cover went down a storm, what inspired that? And do you have any more covers in the pipeline.

Yeah that was great. I have just released an EP with a cover of Cheryl Cole’s “Call My Name” and Bob Marley’s “Could You Be Loved” on it – so those are out there.

You played T4 On The Beach in the delightful Western Super Mare – that must’ve been fun, tell us what you got up to…

That was amazing. The journey up, weather wise, didn’t look too great but by the time I hit the stage fortunately the sun had come out! It was one of my favourite gigs and I got a real good reception, it was humbling to see so many fans out there for me!

Tell us about this single with Welsh legend Tom Jones…

Well, at the moment we’re actually working on a project that is aired on BBC4 on September 21, which I’m excited about. Seasick Steve and Tom Palet are also part of it, two great musicians. There is still the potential of something as far is a record is concerned in the pipeline though.

What advice would you give to struggling young musicians?

Take something from the struggle. Don’t end up struggling for strugglings sake because you’ve lost belief or because you think or feel the world is against you just because you’re having a tough time. ‘Struggle’ doesn’t have anything against anyone personally.

Where from here for Josh Osho?

Further inward. I want to continue intensifying my interaction with the world musically, continue taking those who choose to join the journey to as far reaching extents as possible through my perception and experience of the world! Keep actively writing, performing and spreading my thhhhaaang!

More info on Josh Osho at joshosho.com