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You’re currently on tour with Richard Hawley, having played a gig in Bath last weekend, that’s pretty special – how do you rate him as an artist and person?

He’s wonderful on all counts! It’s been such a great experience listening to Richard’s songs live over the last week. He has a beautiful, unique voice that is even better in concert.

You’ve done quite a few collaborations, including some spellbinding work with Damien Rice, what’s been your best experience of collaborations?

I think the best collaborations bring out something new in both musicians.

What did turning 30 mean to you? Did you achieve everything you wanted to in your 20s? And what now?

The day of my 30th birthday I went to Wales to record ‘Passenger ‘ so it went by without incident really. By the time the record was finished I’d forgotten about it!

Ireland creates a lot of great musicians, who else from your homeland do you rate?

There are so many! I love Jape, Villagers, Cathy Davey, Rhob Cunningham, Fionn Regan..

You’re on the road a lot – what are the best and worst things about that?

The best thing is playing music really. I also get to read a lot and see places I wouldn’t have necessarily travelled to otherwise. The worst is missing people and not being able to make your own dinner.

What are your plans for the next few years?

I’ll be writing and recording my next record over the next year and then hopefully touring again for as long as I can.

More info on Lisa Hannigan at http://lisahannigan.ie/