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Falmouth’s Princess Pavilion was the exact halfway point on King Charles’ 30 Shows 30 Days UK tour this April. Ahead of their new album, a very excited and expectant crowd filled the Pavilion for a night of dancing and debauchery and all their favourite songs from King Charles’ debut album Love Blood, released last May.

It’s just under a year since Emily from Emily and the Woods supported Newton Faulkner at the Pavilion last April. This time around the whole band are together to play the final date of their Cornish tour. Emily on her own is an endearing, magical performer; her timid and gentle nature is captivating. But as the front woman of Emily and the Woods she is more confident and commanding, her brother Benedict on electric guitar adds some serious funk to the overall sound, and the addition of bass, drums and vocals really takes this band to a whole other level. Definitely one to watch.

Story Books have been on tour with King Charles for the whole of their UK tour so far, and it’s very evident these lads are having the time of their lives. Their fantastically atmospheric instrumentals combine with vocals a little reminiscent of Placebo crossed with Haunts, softened and lightened with electronic keyboard and brought into the dark with basslines and percussion that has some serious King Charles influence. Arrogant and charming at the same time, this band ticks so many genre boxes you’ll find it hard not to like at least one of their songs. Story Books may just be your new guilty pleasure.

King Charles on stage is an entirely new ball game to King Charles on CD. Their reggae grooves, tribal beats and incredibly infectious melodies are given a whole new lease of sing-along-ability with someone as dramatic and theatrical as King Charles. Even if you didn’t know the song to begin with, come the second repetition of the chorus and you’ll be joining in like you’ve known it all along.

Opening the set with ‘Mmm’ and getting straight into title track ‘Love Blood’, everyone was moving and shaking and joining in as quickly as any lyricist could hope for. However, while ‘Mississippi Isabel’ inspired crowd participatory clapping, for a performer like King Charles, who carries himself with the air of someone well versed with being on stage, there was a serious lack of interaction with the Falmouth audience in between songs. Not that they particularly noticed, these fans were far too busy dancing and singing and having a jolly good time.

Mixing crowd pleasers like ‘Polar Bear’, ‘Lady percy’, and ‘Lovelust’ in with new song ‘Dance Forever’, and old favourite ‘Tomorrow’s Fool’ featuring guest Jessica Tonder, the night came to a wonderful climax with a mash up of ‘Time of Eternity’ and a cover of Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’. Joined on stage by Story Books, a wonderfully spirited, albeit slightly cheesy and self indulgent, array of solos launched into a full-blown party on stage to end the show.

Not as much of a spectacle as expected, and at times far too much of a performance, nevertheless, King Charles thrilled this audience just enough to leave them wanting more, which is a very good place to be ahead of the release of album number two.

Words and photos: Hannah Giles