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National Pastime
(Pastime Records)

With what seems like an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it game-plan, Exeter’s lo-fi indie-pop regulars drop their third album proper, with 11 brand new songs and a different line-up, featuring the band’s core duo of Andrew Padfield (vocals) and Andy Botterill (guitar, bass and keyboards) at the helm. It’s a retro sound, but to be fair, very little music isn’t these days. And so, as before, National Pastime’s sound owes a lot to the old-school British indie-pop, such as The Pastels, Sarah Records or early Creation Records. The highlight is the accompanying single, Don’t Let It Get Away, a goodtime foot-stomper, coloured by simplistic but melodic guitar lines, and the bass pushed right up in the mix. A similar formula and tempo across the album, with varying subject matter and again, prominent bass-lines.

Words: Arash Torabi